Established in 2005, Continuum Architecture & Design started with a vision to promote living communities in Philadelphia. Its focus is on the revitalization of city neighborhoods and on projects that enhance the bonds between people.

The philosophy of Continuum is that a community is more than a geographic area: it is an interweaving of lives and the components that make up a life. Within this philosophy, Continuum specializes in projects of adaptive reuse—giving life back to neglected buildings and vacant lots and building relationships with clients whose goal it is to inspire their end-user by insisting on thoughtful design.

Since its inception, Continuum has expanded its philosophy to include a strong focus on environmentally conscious design, utilizing LEED principals in both new and adaptive-reuse projects. An important aspect of Continuum's philosophy has always been to find creative solutions for tight budgets, and finding ways to responsibly address environmental concerns is no exception.